Hart’s pulling all the strings at Woodford Folk Festival

NICOLA GARLAND: By far and away the best new find of the Woodford Folk Festival line-up on December 27 was Tim Hart. Hart, better known as the drummer from Boy and Bear, has taken a bold step to break away from the popular sounds of his band and strike out on his own. And the gamble has paid off. With his sound ranging from Ryan Adams (think Answering Bell or The Rescue Blues) and Don McLean, Hart is so much more than the sum of his drum kit.

Tim Hart plays for the crowd at the Woodford Folk Festival.

Tim Hart plays for the crowd at the Woodford Folk Festival.

Don’t be fooled by the kitsch-y video clips hanging around YouTube, which wafts visions of John Denver trying to pull off Michael Buble’s camera sex. If you are new to Hart, all I can say is please don’t YouTube him before listening to his album, Milling the Wind. Playing live definitely works in Hart’s favour.

His song Architects as well as his cover of Jolene were the standouts of the gig, and his album is feeling like it will become a summer 2012-2013 listening essential. The Australian music scene is definitely for the better now that Hart has stepped out from behind the drums.

Other songs from Milling the Wind, worth checking out:

–        So Come The Rain

–        The Old Gate

Will and the People: Woodford Folk Festival Thursday December 27

With the Woodford Thursday line-up consisting of the mellow tunes of Angus Stone, Emma Louise and Tim Hart among others, Will and the People were certainly the foot-tapping, bum-wiggling highlight.

Blending the sounds of post-reggae and ska, with evocations of The Police (who they have supported), Natasja Saad and Vampire Weekend, these guys will hopefully bypass the lazy categorisation of ‘world music’.

Hailing from the UK, the band seemed to relish the warmth of the Woodford atmosphere, and they were definitely a popular inclusion in this year’s festival.

Salamander is the standout of the band’s album, Morning Sun, and the most poppy of the Brighton band’s set. If you want to get your groove on this summer, put this on your airwaves.

Other songs from Morning Sun worth checking out:

–        No shame

–        Blue

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